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    Does anyone know how to revert back to WM5 from WM6.
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    There was a way posted over at XDA-developers at one point, but I believe it will only fly if the software version shown by your phone was unchanged during the upgrade.

    The only way that would happen is if you upgraded to WM6 using the SD card method.

    Why on Earth would you want to go back anyway?
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    I too remember the discussion about going back to WM5 but I believe that talk was happening around the time of the leaked WM6 ROM. That version did not change the radio firmware, unlike the official releases. I do not think you can go backwards once the radio firmware has been upgraded. Maybe someone out there with more technical savvy can answer that with certainty.

    But I also agree with Fastlerner, why? WM6 is better and more reliable than WM5 ever was. You may want to change to another WM6 ROM. On this forum people talk up the official Palm unbranded release and the ROW release as superior to the branded ones.
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    Is the official unbranded ROM 2.23 and the ROW ROM 2.27? I'm running 2.23 and do feel it is more pokey at times than WM5.

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