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    Need help connecting my Palm Treo 700wx with ActiveSync via BT.

    The computer sees the Treo, I can transfer files to the phone, but AS doesn't make a connection. I'm running WinXP-Pro and have AS 4.5 installed. I have had Bluetooth in the drop-down box "allow connections to one of the folowing", but right now, after uninstalling and reinstalling everything, I only get COM1 as an option. Even when I had Bluetooth as an option, it didn't connect.

    Been at this for two days and just can't get it to work.

    Would appreciate any help to get this worked out.

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    I have both the Activesync 4.2 and the Bluetooth plugin from the Getting Started CD on my website.

    Go to:

    NOTE: You no longer have to be a registered user to download the Bluetooth Plugin. Simply go the site above and then to the 'Document Library'. Download the HOWTO and the links and instructions are inside the Word document. Enjoy...

    Click on the TSG Computers link on the frontpage or on the forum link for more information.

    Register and go to the downloads section under Windows Mobile. The Bluetooth Activesync Plugin is under Updates and the Activesync 4.2 is under Activesync.

    Download and install Activesync and then the bluetooth plugin. Remove any partnerships on your Windows Mobile device and then go as normal to get everything connected and synced.

    God bless,
    Johnathan Morlock

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