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    I used to use Wisbar Advance 2 to close programs instead of minimizing them like WM5 does by default...WA2 slows my WX way down though so I uninstalled it...I'd still like the auto-close functionality there a program that only does that?
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    I use Wisbar Lite, it has the functionality you describe and also the nested start menu. That's about it. It slowed down my 750 a tad, but then I installed MemMaid and had it optimize for speed, and it's actually performing just as well as before Wisbar Lite.
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    Wisbar lite is great, and I used for a long time. My fav is quick menu. Not only does it close apps, but you can assign the ok button to close, instead of having to hit the x. Also, it gives you nested folder browsing on the start menu. Very configurable, and small footprint.

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