Here's a Treo 700WX Review I just wrote, was hoping it might get added to your reviews.

My Palm Treo 700WX Featuring Window's Mobile has been a reliable companion for the two years I've been using it. With such features as:

Broadband Internet (EVDO)
Easily Navigated Windows Mobile 5.0 Interface
Durable Touchscreen for fast navigation
Direct E-Mail Push Technology
Music and Videos direct from your phone
Remote Desktop Control via Windows Terminal Services or LogMein

...And countless others, I simply cannot imagine running my business without it!

Having used many different Smartphones such at the RIM Blackberry, Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack and of course, Apple iPhone, the combination of features with reliability on the Palm Treo 700WX truly set it above the rest.

Verizon's Wireless sync allows me the peace of mind knowing my data is always fully backed up. Losing a contact list can be crisis which is easily solved within five minutes of receiving a replacement phone.

Used in combination with 3AMLabs Highly Reviewed LogMein program, the Palm Treo 700WX can be used as a remote control to any number of Personal Computers. This free software allows hassle free integration and the invaluable ability to both control and support your business and home computers on the go.

If you've ever needed to connect to the web on your laptop with no WiFi around, the Palm Treo 700WX shines once more with the use of a great program made by JuneFabrics, PdaNet ( This program allows for both a wired connection through the provided USB Sync Cable or even Wireless Bluetooth Dial Up Networking. Compatible with both PalmOS and Windows Mobile, PdaNet can interface with any Windows ME/2K/XP or even Vista based computer!

Without equal, the Palm Treo 700WX is still a well rounded and highly capable Smartphone even two years after it's release.

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