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    I need to keep each employees calanders so that I can see and print them individually. I also need be able to look at them together as a whole (The overlay works for this). I need to know how to be able to view them seperately and together on my treo. Can my treo show 3-5 different calanders? Thanks for any advice. I am using Vista with Outlook 2007.
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    I use a program called Keysuite to do this. I run 3 calendars myself for church/work/employees
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    If your calendars are seperate folders you could use PocketMirror on the desktop side. It will then make the handheld use the folder as a *Category. If you want better viewing of the categories on your Treo you can use something like PocketInformant to change the color of the category etc.

    I do the same shared calendar but Outlook is secondary for me. I use Google calendars and Oggsync to keep my Treo and Outlook syncronized to the Google calendar. I use Pocket Informant to keep everything straight on the Treo.
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