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    Does anyone know how I can add this to my treo 700wx?

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    Yes, press the soft key for "menu" on your Today screen. Then click "speed dial options". Then click "Menu". Then click "Edit". Then click the "Advanced" tab. Then check the "Show voice mail buttons" box. You may need to plug in numbers that are specific to your carrier for each of the buttons. I.E. delete 7, save 9 etc.
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    Great! This was on by default in a treo I use to have.... I didnt know it was an adjustable option. I had no idea it was also on this wx. Thanks for your help. I have it all set up now. Thanks again
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    That avatar is classic
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    That avatar is classic
    Hey Scotty,

    Ya I had knocked out about 4 hours of painful homework one late night last week and needed to unwind before turning in. I googled funny pictures and about peed my pants when I saw that. Its friggen hilarious.

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