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    Hi there,

    since I recently updated my forum to phpBB3, I finally have ways to allow attachments, and spambots seem to be blocked quite well, too. So I finally added a scripts forum. Whether it's a better or worse place to publish your scripts is up to you... My primary aim wasn't to be competive to this forum, but to offer a place for those who don't know it, and a more central discussion/development place for MortScripts.

    Well, and in case you didn't notice, the new beta is ever growing. I think I'll only add a few small new features before letting it rest for a short while to see if bugs appear, and then release a new minor update (i.e. 4.2). That's because there are some features that some script developers surely want in a release download (like the status window, Include, better comment support, ...), while there are other features in my to do list that might cause some complications (like a better window handling with window handle variables, or maybe access to contacts or messages).
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    Thanks Mort!
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