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    I'm sure there are threads on this, but the search function for the message board is a little weak.

    I bought this Treo 750 locked to the AT&T network, but not from them. The phone has been registered with them and I added the PDA service to my plan, but after hours of tech support and multiple attempts with the tech article set-up instructions (proxies, networks), the thing will not connect to the internet or get mail. There have already been hard and soft resets and flashing my phone by the "tech guys". I use the term "tech guys" loosely as they had me repeat a bunch of stuff I'd already done.

    I was able to get the phone to get aol email when synced. (The Treo has WM 6 and I link it a PC running 64 bit Windows Vista.)

    The AT&T forums are littered with folks talking about having to exchange phones because of internet connection issues. That seems to be the easy out, as I can't see how the device can still make phone calls on the G3 network, but somehow can't connect to the network. It sounds like the short cut support method. I'm hoping there is someone a little more clever here.

    Here are the two errors I get trying to connect to the internet:

    The answering modem has disconnected.
    To check your connection settings and change
    them if needed , Tap Settings.

    That message doesn't stay up very long and is replaced with:

    There is a problem connecting to the GPRS
    service in your registered home network.

    The proxy and network settings are exactly as indicated in all the AT&T support docs.

    Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
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    Have you tried a new SIM card? Can you trouble shoot with someone else? For example use their SIM in your Treo and see if data works or try your SIM in their device and see if data works.

    Do you get the data icon at all on top of the screen? If so does it ever show activity?

    Have you tried toggling on and off the "force ATT proxy" in the settings?

    That is all I got.
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