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    I've got some "issues" with my phone that require a hard reset but if I just restore everything when I'm done, all my problems come right back. I can't use active synch so all my backing will be just copying all my files to an sd card. After my hard reset I want to restore stuff one at a time to see what was causing my problems. So my question is, what files and or folders do what. Is there certain file/files I am going to need to restore first to make my phone work? and then I suppose internet settings, then contacts, then calender, so on and so on.
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    use sprite backup its free backup everything save it to your memory card change the file name so it ends in everything then back up again this time only select appointments and save the file ending in appointments then unselect appointments select call logs now back up everything in call logs save the backup as call log now do this for each one....

    now hard rest restore the file ending in everything if your treo wrks then erase the others if not hard rest again restore appointments if it wrks its not the appointment file hard rest the phone try the other files till you get the error if you don't get the error then back up everything and have fun with your new treo...

    if this doesn't wrk let me know

    search for sprite backup I found it somewhere on this site.
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