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    this is my Today layout, vertically-
    Speed Dial

    I use OTA Exchange Active Sync and am always getting calendar items, emails, etc. I also use a mixture of Picture and Text speed dials on my Today screen. The screen isn't big enough for me to get all info at one glance without scrolling. But with messaging at bottom (used the least), not a big deal to have to scroll down for the occasional text msg.

    Pic speed dials are cool. I only use 3 now, but it looks like I could fit 5 across without going to a second row.

    Any tips out there on how to make best use of my precious screen space? It would be nice if the carrier name (AT&T for me) and the Bluetooth icon could be on the same top row as date/time/signal icons, and not on their own row.
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    SPB Mobile shell or Ultimate Launch

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