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    I just got a replacement Treo after the last ones head set circuit shorted and zapped me.

    My problem is that SMS's no longer wake up my treo. so i don't receive them until i manually wake it up.

    I have the following installed:
    Sk Tools Latest Version
    Hannip vzw 700w Bluetooth hack
    TomTom Navigator 6
    Spb Mobile Shell
    Mozilla Minimo
    Windows Live
    PocketMax Keylight
    Sprite Backup
    Threaded Messaging WM6 (latest package from the sticky here)
    Resco Suite
    And the MS Daylight savings update and the official 700w/wx Audio Patch.

    This is the exact same software configuration i had before the replacement. whats the deal.

    No i did not recover from a backup all this was freshly installed when i got the replacement. only thing i restoired was my PIM.

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    hello sorry on the lag did you get this issue fixed?

    if not try this see if this helps go to settings sounds and notifications click where palm messaging is located see if the option display message on screen is slected if not select it see if this solves the issue.
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