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    I received this email from Verizon. Has anyone done the upgrade and are there any issues? Thanks

    The Palm® Treo™ 700w smartphone 1.22 update includes:
    Support for Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess Connect feature, USB and Bluetooth connections
    The addition of one-touch Speakerphone and Mute buttons on the Today Screen during a call
    Abbreviated dialing preferences for international and campus dialing environments
    Advanced audio support (A2DP)
    Additional Daylight Savings Time features
    The Palm® Treo™ 700wx smartphone 1.22 update for Verizon Wireless includes:
    Updated registry settings for Bluetooth® stereo headsets (A2DP) and Bluetooth® Dial-up Networking
    (DUN) support along with DUN (wireless modem) performance improvements
    Additional Daylight Savings Time features
    FREE Sudoko game is available on the Palm site after you update your smartphone!

    Download at:
    Need assistance with the update or setting up your Treo for the first time?
    Call Palm's toll-free set-up help line and we'll lend you a hand: 866-770-PALM (7256).
    Note: The software update was modified since July 2007. User who download the
    original Treo 700p 1.10 update should update with the newer version released
    September 2007.
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    When did you get that? The 1.22 update was the one released about a year ago, and since then (about 1/2 year ago) we had the _1.22 that fixed the broadband issue. I would definetly do the _1.22 if you haven't, but this was such a long time ago, I would inquire to VZW why your not hearing about this for about a year after it is released?!?!
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    I have had the phone for over a year and just received the email last week
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    I have the 700w since it came out - about 2 years, and a 700wx for 6 months.
    I also have not received any email from verizon about an update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casabooboo View Post
    I have the 700w since it came out - about 2 years, and a 700wx for 6 months.
    I also have not received any email from verizon about an update.
    I received an email/txt msg as well, but have been updated for a LONG time to 1.22 already... very strange.
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    ignored it cuz already did it a while ago.
    Verizon Palm Treo 700wx, WM 6, FLASH 4G|TRANSCEND SD TS4GSD150 R, MemMaid 2.0, Magic Button, SBSH Pocketweather
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    I got my 700w from work a little over a year ago, so I never received any e-mails about an update. I'm guessing IT never told me about it because they didn't want to mess with everyones Treo for an update that wasn't critical. After reading all of the horror stories on this website about the update, I finally gave in and decided to do it today. The thing that scared me the most was reading about the potential loss of connecting with my GPS receiver. The update went fine and everything seemed to be working until I tried to use the GPS. It took a couple of frustrating hours, but I finally got it working again by randomly switching from COM7 to COM4.

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