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    I work in a metal building and if I go in the back for a while my 750 will lose signal and search for the network. Well after i get back outside it keeps searching for a signal and never finds it. So I miss calls. It works fine after a soft reset. But I dont want to do that several times a day. I have a 750 with the att released wm6. Anyone have any solutions for this? Thanks
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    It happens to mine also intermitently! I just go to the wireless manager, turn off the phone and turn it back on again.
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    Yeah I have done that too but I was wondering if there is a fix so it wont do it anymore.
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    I had a similar problem where it kept searching for the network and took about 20 minutes... what i did was changed the phone setting under wireless manager phone setting services to band selection to umts rather than auto this keeps it on 3g and doesn't flip to edge in area of weak connection... I have had no problems with staying connected even when I only have 1 or 2 bars of strength. Of course i am in a 3g area (NYC). If you are only in edge network might try pushing just to gsm it is the auto that seems tocause all the seeking problem
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    I have noticed that my Treo 750 spends a lot of time searching for signal.

    However I also learned that if I make a call there are no problems I can connect or answer a call.

    Very strange.

    This is a sure sign that it is time for the 800/850 or HP/i-Mate to be released.


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