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    After the 1.22 update on my 700w, I started having bluetooth problems with my Jabra BT 350 where an incoming call would come in, the unit (Bt350) would vibrate but the call would be coming out of my phone ear speaker instead (not the one on the rear). When I dial a number, with bluetooth all in place, the same thing would happen. I would have to (say: "hang on while i switch to bluetooth", hit Menu, connect bluetooth or hit the button on the Jabra. (then curse the phone with expletives). Of course this introduces weird noise and quality problems as well.

    I recently got a Jabra BT8010 and the same thing is happening.

    I also was wondering if anyone else who may have an 8010 knows of a way to keep it so that it is in music mode. I have to keep going into the bluetooth properties and hold and click the "set as wireless stereo". After that I notice a headphone symbol with a music note in the top status bar. It disappears after about 15 seconds but then the bluetooth over mono/ stereo works. It then at an undetermined time reverts back to phone mode. The little button on the 8010 does not get it to switch back and forth as it is designed to do.
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    hard to believe that i'm the only one with this problem.....
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    Ok if any one else besides me has a need for this, here's the answer. A program called "A2DPToggle" is exactly what I was looking for as far as toggling wireless stereo profile on/off from the today screen. You can actually click it easily while driving with its large enough stop/start button.

    We'll see if it fixes the answer phone problem with the headset. Stay tuned.

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