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    I am not sure if this means that VZW is getting the 750 but here is what I found.

    I went and purchased a new Holster and Car Charger for my Treo 755. On the packaging it says that it supports the Treo 700, 750 and 755. I am not sure why they would say it supports a phone that they don't carry. That is just my observation, take it for what it is worth.
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    The holster does support those models. I would not take that as an indication that VZW will support the 750 as there has been no indication of a CDMA 750.
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    I thought about that they might just be listing what phones it will support. but why would they put on there phones they don't support? Why not put all phones that the holster will work with like the 680? just found it interesting.
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    Because the company that made the holster put what phones it will work with, not Verizon.
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    All 'this' from a holster???
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    at&t iPhone3G

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