Is anyone using the Asus eee with the 750 via bluetooth? By that I mean using it as a backup to wifi for web access? I just got an eee recently and am trying to get it configured for this type of connection, but am having some problems since the eee is linux-based and I have never used linux before.

I installed the 3eGPRS utility and set up a bluetooth connection between the eee and the Treo, but I can't get the internet connection once I've got the bluetooth connection going. I'd be very interested to know how this is done if anyone has got this to work. There are instructions in various places on the web, but they are for different treo devices with different phone carriers (I have AT&T) and I don't want to start entering a bunch of linux commands unless I am sure I know what I'm doing.

And yes, I'm making my own Foleo. My goal is that between wifi and the treo, I will pretty much always be able to get online with the eee.