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    Here's the deal. I've searched high and low and still can't figure this out. Everything I try doesn't seem to work, and I'm not a dolt when it comes to PC stuff.
    I have Win 2K running Office XP. I have a Kaiser, the gf has a Treo 750. Both run WM 6. Everytime I sync her Treo, it loads my contacts onto her phone. How the hell do I get her phone to sync to outlook, have her own "profile" with her own contacts and calendar appts, yet still have my own profile with my own stuff? I've created 2 profiles within outlook, but how can I tell the phones which one to use?
    Can someone write a step by step guide for me...please!
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    Have you tried ensuring that the proper Outlook profile is open when you dock the corresponding phone?
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    I go to File>Open Data File> then the .PST that I made for her. When I do that, nothing really changes. I still see my contacts and calendar stuff in Outlook.

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