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    Where do I put a .mid on the Treo so that I can select it as a ringtone in the sounds section? I put it in My Music but it won't recognize it there.
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    My Device/Windows
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    Did that, but it won't show up in the Notification list...
    I know I had this .mid working before I did a hard reset..
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    That's where I've put all of my ringers...
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    awesome that worked...thanks!
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    One more thing you might want to consider - go to and sign up for a free account. That's an AWESOME website with tons of tones that other people have created, but the BEST part is that you can make your own edited ringtones from your own PC music library, and have those edited tones (yes they have an edit function where you can manipulate a tone that you're making) sent to your device over the air.

    So, instead of you having to edit your own sound files on your PC, you can do it with their tools, on their website, and then have that small file send to your device.

    Love it.

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