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    What program do you use for email on your treo? I know of Flexmail and the messaging program that comes with WM5. Anything else out there? Whats best?


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    I use true push email through for a few bucks a month. Use poutlook on my Q9C. Same set up when I had my Treo. Didn't like Flexmail myself. I have tried just about everything but I like it simple.
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    I use because I can have one exchange and one pop account on the same domain And, it's Exchange 2007 (which, unfortunately, lost it's effectiveness when I changed to the 700wx and back to WM5 from WM6

    In any case, Flexmail has some great features, not the least of which is mail rules. However, it has to be running all the time to work. And, it's got issues... Overall, I use poutlook as well, but it has far fewer features. If you use multiple email accounts (to send from) then flexmail really does make it much easier.
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    I used Flexmail in the past. It is a great program but right now I prefer pocket outlook because of it's simplicity. It does everything I need. I have all my e-mail forwarded to one account and check it two or three times a day.

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