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    I have a Treo 750wx with Sprint and use a Plantronics Explorer 330 headset. I always get an annoying "crackling" sound while using the headset. It's not "as bad" when I'm within like 3 feet of the phone, but beyond that (even at just 10 feet), it gets incredibly worse. Is this normal? The people on the other end don't seem to hear it. It's just on my end. Maybe its the Plantronics 330? I saw good reviews on this site before I bought the headset but noone mentioned this issue. So I'm wondering if this is normal with the Treo 750wx.
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    Sometimes its so bad that I have to set my phone on my shoulder just inches from my bt to make it stop.
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    So, does anyone else have this issue? Do I need to try another headset? I kind of remember having this same crackling noise a long time ago when I had a Jabra headset with the Treo 650 years ago. So I'm wondering is this normal for all Treos? Shooter do you have the Plantronics 330 same as me? If not, what headset? Do you think it's the headset or the Treo? Thanks
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    I replied to your other post concerning bt unpairing at this link.

    Like I said in that reply I have the 340. To me it seems like sometimes it's worse than others. Kind of reminds me of the days when cordless phones were just starting to get popular and they had buttons on them to force them to change channels. sometimes you would be talking and it would get crackly and you could hit that button and change channels and it would go away.
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    Who doesn't get a crackling sound when using bluetooth headsets? I've never had or used a bluetooth headset, from the el cheapo to the luxurious, that wasn't crackly..
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    I've found that if you but the call on and then off of hold even if only for a second the crackling fades significantly if not all togather.
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    I have been using bluetooth headset since getting my Sprint PPC6601 when it first came out close to 4 years ago. I still have the Logitech Mobile Freedom headset that worked perfectly with that phone. Call quality was excellent, I did get the crackel on my end if I got to far from the phone or if the phone was in the belt case on my belt. I think the static is just the nature of the bluetooth beast.

    My Sprint 700wx on the other hand is a bluetooth headset nightmare. When it works it works ok, but it is so random in reliable opperation. I also get a lot of static with the phone more than arms length away in line of site. Forget it even working if I put the phone in the belt case. I have tried logitech, motorola , plantronics brands all with same results. This leads me to think it is a Treo problem and not the headset.
    I am still looking for one to give reliable performance.
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    Thanks for the replies. This confirms for me that its the Treo. And I don't need to try other headsets and waste money and time. I've pretty much given up on using my two BT headsets with the 700wx and have reverted to using the wired headsets, which are at least reliable, but a pain. I'm seriously considering moving over to Blackberry after so many years with Treos, due to this and the constant resets. Argh.
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    I have not noticed any crackling on my BT.....Jawbonoe....
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    That's good to know. Can you please specify which headset model you have, and if you have Sprint Treo 700wx or other? Thanks.
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    I have a Treo 680 and a Motorola S9. My connection will be fine for a little while, then all of a suden start cracling/stuttering to the point it is unlistenable. Really frustrating. When I plug regular speakers in, it works fine.
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    It's strange. The crackling is intermittant. I use the Motorola HS850 with the 700wx. I'm considering the Jawbone - not confident that the crackling will go away. I think it's the phone. THe HS850 works fine on my razr and my old 700w.
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    My Samsung WEP-200 has no problems with the Treo 700wx. EXCEPT when I am already in a call, and I have bluetooth enabled on the phone, and I turn on the WEP-200 and connect, there is a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that is so overpowering and distracting that I have to dump the BT connection. Come to think of it, it happens when I connect to my car in the middle of a call too. So it must be the Treo with the BT problems.
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    I have a 700wx and a Jawbone. I get crackling - but only when i turn on my Jawbone during a call. If it's on before the call is started I don't have this issue....
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    I use a Jawbone with my 700wx. No crackling (or any other) problems at all.
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    I ordered a BlueAnt Z9 on a recomendation from the last podcast, I should have it this week.

    A minor observation with my Logitech MobileFreedom connected to my Sprint 700WX. All of the problems seem to get worse as the battery is used. Fresh off the charge the problems are less.
    Still waiting for Hitachi to reintroduce the G1000 with a VGA screen and more memory. I still miss that crash prone beauty.

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