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    I have had many different cases and holsters. In most cases, I have had issues with each one, including one which caused a 2 gig SD card to eject which was later found to be missing. I was wondering what cases you all have had luck with. I work in retail and often find my treo at risk from my daily activities.
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    I use the Helix Holster that you see above as an add....I like it OK, it's got a few issues, but for the most part, I think it works as well as something for this odd shaped phone can work. I originally had a bulky leather case, which is a nice case, but it was like hauling a football around on my side.
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    If you go to the treo store under each case are reviews and you can read what people are saying. It's a bit tedious but will give you some good ideas as to what to purchase. I bought the tough case by speck products and just as everyone has said in the reviews it stretches too easily. However, I am still using it partly because I like the flip-up screen protector and partly becasue I have been too lazy and cheap to purchase a different case. As of now I don't have a favorite because this is my first case however I've heard a lot of people like the leather case with the cover that flips up. Hopefully this helps. Oh and if you do a but of searching on this site you'll find this same subject discussed in the past, nevertheless I think it's a good subject because someone may have heard of a new design or case that no many people know about.
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    sorry, but I like mine safely tucked into my front pocket. I work outside, so I don't want my phone dangling off my side.
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    body glove pouch when I need something on my belt. Usually it just goes into a pocket.
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