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    I have an unbranded 750 with WM5. When i follow the update steps at they ask me to enter a serial before i can download WM6. But when i browse around in other Treo 750 forums i find many direct links to WM6.

    Why does Palm ask for a serial when i can just download WM6 anywhere?

    And second, according to Palm i should update using activesync but -again- browsing around i see mentions of updating through SD, which i asume is using memory stick? Now which is better?

    I'm anxious to update but as you can read i'm making it very hard on myself hehe..

    Any advise would be very welcome!

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    If you update, I suggest using the miniSD card method as Active sync is rather falky and might drop your connection during the update causing it to fail. It does require that you have a miniSD card.

    I seem to remember that Palm states AT&T requires your serial number because AT&T will only allow ONE download of the update file per device. I actually downloaded the Activesync method file, had it fail due to Activesync losing the connection, then was able to download the miniSD card method file. These are different files and you only need the one that matches the method you choose to use.

    I suspect the files you can download from other sites were placed there by individuals who downloaded them from Palm.

    As far as I know, the Palm files are only for a Treo 750 that is using the AT&T service. If you are not using AT&T you better further research before trying the update.
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    The Palm site has all sorts of different upgrades for different operators and also for the unbranded 750. I updated my unbranded 750 from their site via ActiveSync flawlessly.

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    Thanks all. Today i updated to Palm's unbranded WM6 using activesync. All is well.

    Only thing though, cardexport which i planned on using doesn't support WM6 on Treo 750! Now it seems i'm stuck with that crippling activesync which is total crap for people that don't synchronize anything and just want to use their phone as a storage device.

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