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    I am using the Threaded SMS in the sticky and I am having a few texting problems, but one that is really annoying me is with my indicator. On the main page, when I get texts and I read them, the indicator sometimes says " Text messages: 1 Unread" even tho there aren't any in the inbox. It appears to be totally random, and it usually goes away once I receive a few texts...but then it comes right back a few texts later. There are definitly NO text messages left unread becuase I delete EVERYTHING...even deleted files, and Outlook and Pix and Video messages.
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    An update...what might be happening is I am getting text messages but I cannot view them. The person who I just texted said that she sent me a text back, which would explain the 1 unread, but I cannot retrieve it...its not in my inbox. Any help???

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