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    After I installed weather panel on the treo, the font on the dial screen changed and is hard to read? I've searched but couldn't find any info about changing the font back the to default one. Help.
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    Delete the pixel.ttf and bradhitc.ttf files found in the WeatherPanel folder in Programs>Marsware>Weatherpanel and soft reset. Then you should be golden.
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    awesome - it worked. I had to close the program first before deleting but restarted it right after without the soft reset and it works. thanks.
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    Those files arent in my marsware/weather panel folder..any suggestions?
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    search your device using Resco File Explorer or some other file explorer for the files. They might be...for some unknown reason....somewhere else.

    Did you install marsware onto device or card? did you look in that location?
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    cant find it anywhere any one else? I used the resco explorer, found nothing
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    have you tried soft reseting? So the files are no-where on your phone and your 'now calling' screen has messed up fonts? If you don't have the files on your phone and you have soft reset and you still have problems...I'm at a loss....hard reset and start over.....I try to hard reset and start over at least 2 times a year...just to keep the clutter out and refresh the speed.
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    found them! but I have another problem.. when I try to delete them, it says"

    Cannot delete BRADHITC there has been a sharing violation

    the source or destination file may be in use

    BTW this happens when I try to delete the pixel one aslo

    ? any ideas
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    Turn off your weatherpanel pluggin first. So go to Settings>Today>select the items tab>and deselect WeatherPanel then delete the files and then re-enable WP. Glad to here you found them.
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    worked perfect...thanks very much for your help!
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    Glad to be of service.

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