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    Im getting ready to do a hard reset as I have noticed my functionality is recently a bit sluggish. Its been about 6-8 months since the last one. My questions would be: What is the best way to restore to previous config?? Do I have to reinstall each app one by one? I am currently @ ver 1.20, should I update to 1.22 before or after the reset or does it matter?

    Things I have done:
    Created a word doc containing all the reg hacks and applications inc. registration keys, applicable cab files and websites.

    Arranged a backup folder on my SD card containing all cab/reg files,TSK files, icons, Sprite backup files and Resco reg backup files.

    My other information, contacts, calendar events, etc. will reappear once synced following the reset.

    Have I missed anything or does this look to be a good "my config" package?

    All input is welcome. Thanks.

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    If you hard reset then bring back your latest back up then you've done nothing. Honestly the best way to do it after a hard reset is sync your basic stuff (contacts, calandar, etc) then load one app at a time. Can be done quickly through ActiveSync. I found my device ran better this way than just loading the latest back up. It's up to you do upgrade the ROM. I did on my Sprint handset and didn't have any issues. Not sure about VZ.

    Oh, nice FOX body. I plan on getting one and doing wheelies myself.

    I just sold my Vibrant Red 63,000 mile 94GT 11 second sleeper a few months ago.
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    Nice Stang. I like seeing a sleeper like that. Good way to kill some riced out econo-boxes.
    On the flip side, here in Phoenix there seems to be HUNDREDS of V6 (stock motors) running around with fake badging and all the wings and stickers you can mount onto a poor defenseless mustang!

    The last one I had was an early 80's carbed 302. High compression and big cam. It sounded really cool at idle and reved to 7k.

    But now adays it's better to just invest in a blower or a turbo. I like turbo's myself.

    As far as the backup goes. I keep a folder on my 4 Gig SD card full of the latest CAB files like TCPMP and gthe plug ins as well as other installer cab files.
    That way if I have to do a hard reset I got most of what I need right there to be back in business.

    Oh, side note. If you do a hard reset, you got to install the SDHC mod FIRST or you can't read the 4 gig card! But that can usually be downloaded using the browser.
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    Some things that I do -

    I setup folders for specific types of apps so that the ones I am def. installing are in one space. I will go so far as to rename them so the first character is a number (for the order of install - sometimes it makes a difference, since some need a reset).

    Some programs don't need an install, just copied over.

    I also use WinCE cab manager. It's actually very easy to use. I have a cab that I created that copies many of the files I want on there as well as make all the reg changes I want. If you don't want to use that, you can use notepad to create a .reg file with all the changes you make, then just import them with a reg editor (dot fred task mgr is one of the best).

    The cab that I use not only creates the reg entries, but also sets up my programs folder with all the shortcuts I use (I set it up the first time, then copy it over and use those files). I use Quick Menu, which has cascading start menu, and have all my icons in one of 6 folders. Just better organization than the default of just one... Even if you don't use a cab, you can copy/paste.

    And I'd suggest 1.22. But you don't need the hard reset for that. It actually copies all the data in ram to the computer, then installs, then copies it back. Took a looooong time..
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    Thanks for all the input. I guess I was thinking about doing the hard reset when I read another post about cleaning things up, kind of like a defrag. I did several changes and customization that may be all jumbled up and needs some organizing. Still debating.

    My car is a 79 with a small block 427. It went mid 9.80's, on the motor, at the Milan Pinks. Found out later that my trans was about to exit some parts. Should be in the 60's this season with a good trans and a few upgrades. I like turbos as well but I will build another car if I decide to run a turbo motor.

    By the way, nice sleeper, stock wheels, very unassuming. Surprised alot of folks I bet.
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    Wow, high 9's on motor with a small block, that's great. Plus your doing wheelies which has been my goal in life for a long time. Building a track car and power adder is great but I found a power adder with a daily driver sucked. Unless you buy an 03 Cobra or factory equivalent then that's fine. My car was very finicky with different weather conditions. Running 42lb injectors was a hot start nightmare even after adding the P.M.S. I'm looking to get a FOX body notch and turning it into a track car.

    If you notice in my picture above I ran Nitto drag radials on the stock rims. One late night at the Ale House this guy next to me was bragging to his friends and females about the new Z06 Vette he just got (this was a few years ago when they first came out). Anyway an hour later my buddy and I were leaving and the group was around the Vette. The blower on my car couldn't be heard at idle (SQ). Kinda gave him a little rev as a joke rolling by slowly. He said something to my buddy so I stopped and backed up. We all talked about HP and stuff. Asked what the Stang had done to it. We both told him, look at it, stock wheels, nothing but regular bolt on's. Well we all left at the same time. The very first light and all the trash talking started by him. So I spin the drag radials, get them cleaned/sticky and rev it up to 2500rpm. Light goes green and I'm out by 3 lengths and still pulling away. Next from a 35MPH roll with the same result. Now he's angry. From 45MPH and the same result. At the next light it's, "Ok how are you doing this?" "Don't know, it's stock, look at it!"

    No disrespect to Corvette's (actually like them a lot, I'm a former Chevy Service Tech, probably why I bought a Ford).

    Ok, this turned into a Mustang Forum thread so I'll change that.

    If your device is running great on the old ROM I wouldn't mess with it. The only reason I changed mine was because the new ROM fixes BT issues. Do a hard reset and load up everything manually. You still having issues then hard reset, do the upgrade then load up everything again.

    PS-Don't know what the age of you guys are, I'm 36 and as a kid I was Grand National fan. In 1999 I bought one. Well it made well over 500HP at the wheels at 22psi on 106 Octane. The car itelf was a toilet (mid-80's GM car) but it was extremely fast. Much faster than the Mustang with only a V-6 Turbo. Then I bought a real house and one of the toys had to go and the toilet was sold.

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    Well, Im 38 and have been street racing, not any more, since I was 15. I grew up in the Dearborn area with Mike Moran and a whole host of other racers. Too many to list. I had a few quick ones, a 4-banger 81 Stang that would whip a stock GT, a 92 Ranger with a warm GT drivetrain in it, and my girlfriends (now wife) car was an orange 79 coupe that went low 13's on gatorbacks. There were a few others but those were the special ones to me.

    Did the same "other guys talking about how bad their car was" thing with the Ranger. Put several **** whoopins on a 94 Cobra mustang. They were not happy, it was fun.

    Anyway, my current car is mini-tubbed with coilovers and I run ET Streets on bogarts. Tubular everything up front and Strange stoppers with a chute. Its fun at the track but not a street car anymore. Im currently looking for a cruiser for taking the fam to shows.

    But yes, this is a Treo forum, so Im thinking I may skip the hard reset and just do the ROM update. I will be adding web access to my VZW deal soon and dont want any connection issues.
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