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    i'm loving WM6. big improvement over WM5 IMHO.

    one of the things that's irking me though is that they added that "button bar" at the bottom of the phone application - when you're in a call. there are only two buttons on it: mic on/off and speakerphone on/off.

    those two buttons are WAY useful but i want to add the "dialpad" show/hide button and the "conference" button and who knows what else. there's a little twiddle of some sort (tray expand?) under the middle of the bar, but it seems to do nothing.

    i can find no way to customize this.

    is it "yet to come" or am i being an *****?

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    I don't know whether it is customizable but you can press the menu button to bring up the menu to choose "dial pad" and "conference". Personally, I seldom use these two and I think that it is good to keep it away from the call status.

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