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    Hey guys,

    I installed PDANet 1.80 to utilize my 700wx as a modem. I installed it on my laptop running Vista 32-bit SP1 (Home Premium) and every single time, after being connected for 3-5 minutes, I Get a blue screen with error code "Bug code_usb_driver" and I cannot use PDANet for more than 5 minutes because it constantly blue screens my laptop.

    I tried reinstalling it but the same occurs. Is there a known issue with this version of PDANet?

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    I'm using 1.8 on my Vista Ultimate 32bit sp1. But I've never hooked it up to a cable, I always use bluetooth activesync. I do frequently get dropped connections, where I have to exit the PDAnet service by clicking on it in the systray and choosing exit, then restart the program. But I never get bluescreens or computer crashes.
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    I am using the cable to sync it up. If I cannot find a solution, I may have to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter for my laptop.
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    Have you tried contacting the developer/creator of PDANet?
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    Yea, I contacted them but no response and its been half a week.

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