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    i've only found two threads on the board about people pairing their T750 with the car stereos / audio systems.

    should i assume that this is just not a problem and it works most of the time? there have to be more people on this board with BT in their vehicles.

    i'd love to hear some "no stress! it just worked!" type data. i'm about to purchase an Alpine or Pioneer head unit for my car - both support bluetooth phone connections - and would love to be comfy that it'll all "just work" as it were :-) .

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    Hi there,
    I spent an age trying to work out what BT kit to get for my car (I really like my Etymotic wired headset, but the jack on the phone only works when it feels like it), and in the end I settled on the 6100 over the 3100 as the separate screen and controller fit better in the car.
    I know it isn't an Alpine head unit, but for what it's worth, it paired immediately and seems to work perfectly (was installed today). The only thing to remember is that you have to have the carkit category selected for the contacts that you want to access from the system. If you need to dial a contact that isn't in the right category, you can still dial from the phone and the system picks it up immediately.
    Good luck,
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    Should work fine, especially if you are running WM6--had lots of issues with WM5 and my BMW idrive which evidently was common with Audi too but I am all good now with WM6.

    I just find that if i end and make calls real quickly the bluetooth connection does not always connect--but waiting about 5 seconds between calls works.
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