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    I am on the road sometimes without my laptop (only my camera and my Treo 750). I would like to find someway to get my pictures from my Canon Rebel (which uses compact flash) to my Treo so that I could then upload them to my website.

    Is there a cable out there that would allow this? Or is there a card reader that I could connect directly to my treo and plug in my CF Card? Or am I completely out of luck.

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    Totally with out being sarcastic... how hard would it be to take your lapper with you?

    I dont know if "they" make a cable or converter or not. My assumption would be if one is out there it would require some sort of pc. Although they may make a converter.

    You could try to google it or searching or

    Good luck.
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    I don't know about the retailer but this may help

    There are several sources and I have no idea how reliable the adapter is.

    The best way is to transfer it through your laptop, keeping a backup on your hard drive.
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    I don't think there are any proven devices that will do what you want to do. I would just use your laptop, that would make life so much easier. Can you imagine how long it would take to upload all those files? You definately better have unlimited data.
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    You are probably better off just bypassing the Treo. Take your memory card to a Kinko's or something.
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    You could get a USB Card reader for CF and SD cards and transfer the data with this.

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