I switched to the unbranded WM6 ROM a week or so ago and set my connection up to isp.cingular access point (from the standard wap.cingular). This got me a dynamically assigned IP, ensured full access to the internet and gave me faster download speeds.

All was fine until this weekend. Now, I still get a good data connection but not all of my programs connect to their servers. Specifically, Fitz Traveler and Audible.com no longer connect to their servers and hence won't download data. However, Newsbreak and Opera work perfectly. Strangely, switching back to the wap.cingular access point fixes the issue, but of course at the cost of a slightly slower download speed.

My question to all you experts is why? If I quit getting any data access on the isp access point, it'd be easier to understand and I'd probably be thinking AT&T did something to cripple usage of the unbranded WM6 ROM. But that cannot be the cause, so I'm stumped and I'll keep using the wap access point since it works for all my programs. I would prefer to use isp.cingular though so if anyone can explain why and suggest a fix, I'm all ears.