I had a palm 700WX for a year or so, around xmas it fell into a lake (I hope).

Anyway, I bought a used one on ebay and it works for the most part. There are 2 interesting differences (both phones were updated to the latest version I believe). One is a IMAP issue (other posting) this one is a bluetooth issue.

I have an IMAP server where I get my email. With my old phone, I had an IMAP account set up and I could send/receive email (usually had it set up for every 15 minutes). It was SLOW SLOW SLOW, but it did work.

The replacement phone I have an IMAP account set up the same way, but now when I go to get my email, it will see all my email headers (configured to get the last 15 days), then it will delete from the 700wx my email. The email is still on the server. I never see the message being downloaded (I have tried to say get full message, I have also set it to get header + 2k of message).

This is driving me nuts.. Any thoughts?