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    I posted a "help" thread the other day about buying a non-working Treo. I tried to repair the keypad but it didn't work so now I am searching again.

    I really like the features I can use on the Treo as well as the feel of the phone. BUT there are a LOT of negative reviews and comments out there. SO...should I buy another Treo 700?
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    I know the Treo is an old phone, but to tell you the truth i wouldn't switch it with any other PDA at the moment... i used to live in Europe, so I have used A LOT of other phones such as the N70, N80, N73, N93 (Nokia Symbian OS), i-mate Jamin, JasJar and JAM (Windows Mobile), the Eten GlowFish (WM) and many other smartphones and PDA's.. NONE of them have the All-around performance and convenience of the Treo. Sure Nokia's N-Series has unmatched multimedia capabilities, and the i-mates come with Wi-fi.. (the Glowfish even has built in GPS) but when it comes to efficiency nothing tops the Treo..
    Thats just my opinion...
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    Old or not, I love my Treo 700wx and, other than BT, I have no complaints. I would highly recommend this phone.
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    New to forum, great stuff on here.
    I have had my 700wx for a while and I would not trade it in for a different phone.

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