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    I have a Treo 700w, and when I close other programs on the device, sometimes the call log pops up on the screen randomly. Not really sure why it's happening. I've even performed a hard reset multiple times on the device and it still happens. Anyone know why?


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    What apps do you have loaded? Most importantly Today screen apps (especially phone management apps, like PhoneAlarm). are you closing these apps you mentioned?
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    To answer your question about programs I have running: I have the SPB Phone Suite and SPB Diary running on my Today screen. I just tried unchecking SPB Phone Suite in my Today Settings, so it was removed from the Today screen, but when I closed another program my call log still popped up on the screen.

    I also have Magic Button running.

    Thanks for the help. It's not the end of the world, but it's just annoying when that call log keeps popping up on screen.

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    Sorry, should have made it clearer that Magic Button is closing the programs.
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    Well...that blows my main idea...I have found that a lot of times my call log will show up if I hit the button in the D-pad, but that is because of PhoneAlarm. It sounds like maybe you have a button assigned to it, you may want to go to Settings and Buttons and see what each one is assigned to, maybe you have something like SPB Contacts or a call log app assigned to a button without realizing it.

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