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    I use GMail as my primary email for anything and everything. I have thousands of emails in my GMail account, and whenever I set up my Treo to download from my GMail, it tries to download a bunch of messages (yes, I've checked the 'enable POP for all emails from this point' option).

    Because I only need to SEND email from the Treo, and NOT RECEIVE, I figured I'd set up another GMail account, and just set it up so that I could send from my Treo using that account, but when people reply to it, it will send to my regular GMail account. However, sending from one address and having it set a different address as the reply-to address seems to only work within GMail itself, and not if you're using external clients. So, during my test emails, I could send them fine, but when replying, it sent to the alternate account I set up for the Treo, not to my regular GMail account.

    So now I have it set up to download anything from the alternate account into my regular account, but this isn't the ideal solution.

    Is there any way to send from the Treo using one account, but having all replies go to a different account? I could even go as far as getting another program to do it, if that's possible.
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    How about using an invalid POP userID and password? Also set Outgoing SMTP requires authorization and set your correct SMTP UserID and password.

    Or better yet, just setup another Gmail account for junk mail, and use your main one for regular emails.
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    An invalid POP userID and password doesn't work. It tries to get incoming emails before outgoing, and if incoming doesn't work, it automatically cancels outgoing.

    What good would setting up another account do? None of the replies I would be getting would be junk...and plus, GMail's filters are simply great, so junkmail hardly ever gets through to the inbox.
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    If I understand correctly, you said you have one email address for everything. Most people have several email address, one or a few for junk mail and a personal one for your friends, family, co-workers, business, etc. to reply to.
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    I use my one GMail for everything. The filters block out the junk mail, so that's not a problem. Family, school, and any business all go to the same thing. GMail is nice and convenient, and my email address itself is just a variation of my name, so it's not unprofessional and does not warrant the need for a more professional one for use in business/school situations.

    Basically all I want is to avoid downloading the thousands of emails that I have archived in my GMail, which it seems to be doing.
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