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    Just recently my Sprint 700wx has been having a hard time connecting to the internet. When I open a browser, I would get a "locating..." message for 30-60 seconds until it would actually start downloading web pages. After the web page loads, the connection works fine if I surf within that domain but if I try to go to an external URL, I would get the "locating..." message again.

    First I thought it was just the area that I was in but I can confirm that it does this anywhere I go...even out of state and on EV-DO network. I even try doing 2 hard resets on the phone and I still get this issue.

    Can anyone give me some advice? TIA!
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    Hey I went and edit my DNS settings according to this thread and it now works perfectly!
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    Been browsing about 8 phone forum boards and people with Sprint seem to be having connection lag times. So this seems to be a known issue at this point. I also did the DNS server hack and just got 856kb/sec on my Q9C.
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    Suffering the same thing here. May try the tweaks to see what happens. What a frustration though...
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    I've tried both series of dns servers and actually switching to them timed it out. At least when I do auto dns servers, it eventually gets there. I've been having this issue since at least yesterday...
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