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    I purchased a used Treo 700w (verizon) on Ebay because I wanted to stop using 2 devices (cell phone + Ipaq). Well...I think I got a lemon. Just thought I would check here for fixes before I throw it away!

    Phone will boot up but if left idle will turn completely off. The only way to turn it back on is to remove the battery for a moment. Then it does a complete reboot. I read somewhere that you could stick a piece of paper in the "sim card" slot to make the connection better???? Yes? If so, where the heck is that?

    The keyboard is messed up - several of the letters don't work correctly but I have found a keypad replacement and that might fix this particular problem.

    The unit randomly jumps to a contacts search and starts sending either zeros or the letter "o" across the search bar. It can't be stopped or turned off without removing battery again and doing a reboot. I have a hunch this might be something to do with the keypad errors since the letter "o" is one of the unusable letters.

    I did get a refund from the seller which was nice but I am wondering if there are fixes for these problems. If not, I am now wondering if I even want to mess with a Verizon Treo since I have done some searches and there are a lot of very negative reviews about them.

    Interested in your thoughts.
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    Verizon is CDMA network and does not use a Sim card. You could look everyday for a year and never find the Sim card slot.

    If the seller refunded your money, why not send it back.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by treotraveler View Post
    If the seller refunded your money, why not send it back.....

    I find it odd that the seller would not require you to return it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ranchmom5 View Post
    Interested in your thoughts.
    None of what you mention are known problems. My guess is water damage.

    Anyway, the 700wx is way better than the 700w. Primarily because the wx has twice as much memory as the w.

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    she said she didn't care if I sent it back or not because it was no good to her if it didn't work (kind of a long story as to why she didn't know it didn't work). I thought if I could figure out how to make it work - new keypad, etc. - that I would pay something for the phone....but it doesn't sound too promising.

    so are these treo 700w/wx typically problematic or should I feel safe trying to buy another? I really want a smartphone, already tried the Moto Q and wasn't happen with the lack of apps.

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