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    My company signed a deal with AT&T starting in a month or two. So, I'm going to have to find a replacement for my 700wx.

    Please help suggest a replacement.

    touch screen.
    device that is not too large and still somewhat "phone like"
    Contact management, and calendar are biggest uses, but I also use web some, i need to open a microsoft office file occasionaly
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    Palm Treo 750.
    at&t iPhone3G
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    There is also the Tilt if you need more screen space, GPS and some other goodies. However, the Treo will be a better phone as its more of a phone first, pda second. Tilt is PDA first, phone second.
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    My buddy has the tilt. Its a sooped up Mogul. Has a 3MP camera, SMS, Nav, etc. Id get that if I were with AT&T.
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    +1 on the 750. Works well with ATT and the 3g and one hand keyboard is great.
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    yeah the 750 is good just switched from att to verizon had the the way you selling the 700wx?
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    I moved from Verizon to ATT and have the Tilt. A really great phone. I'm running WM6.1 and couldn't be happier. MS Voice Command works flawlessly with BT. This helps make it a "no hands" phone. If someone would develop a good voice-to-text app, life would be perfect.
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    I would say that the true answer to the question is what are you looking for in your device? If you want the same form factor, one-handedness, palm stuff than the 750 is a perfect replacement. If form factor, etc isn't a huge issue and you want the most whiz-bang you can get - than the Tilt is the one.
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