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    My four month-old TREO 700wx is starting to work really slowly. Are there things I need to do periodically to "free up" space or to make the thing work faster? My "Temp" folder is empty (I think).
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    I use Memmaid.
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    Where do I find Memmaid, and how do I get it onto my TREO?

    I'm really new to these things.
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    Well, I like to do a fresh hard reset every six months and reinstall all my core apps (its actually easy when you use a back up program right after doing it the first time and install everything). My internet stopped working yesterday morning, I could connect but data wouldn't transfer... so a hard reset did the trick, must have been something I installed but didn't uninstall properly or all the way, or things just got too jumbled.

    So to stop my ranting, yes, I do periodic wipes to ensure a smooth running device. I also use memmaid and fast cleanup (much smaller than memmaid and an awesome program, its posted around here or google it).

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