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    My treo always worked pretty good as via PAN to my macbook, but now I have gotten a macbook air. No settings have changed on the Treo (See settings below) and now my ping times on an idle connection are <200ms, but once I put any load on the connection such as loading a simple website my ping times go up to >10000ms. I talked to a friend, same laptop and same phone on cingular and he is on the west coast in LA and he has the same issue. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?

    also I am trying to download a file using this connection and getting 4.4k download speeds, same file on my desktop LAN is over 400k

    Connection: Bluetooth PAN
    Laptop: Macbook Air
    Phone, WM6 Treo 750 Cingular
    -wap.cinglar isp

    Using ICS to start the connection and using AT&T (the other option ICS, has never worked on either laptop)

    any help or ideas would be GREAT. Thank you


    under advanced it is all default settings, no software and IP compression.
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    Is your cellular connection E, U or H? With Bluetooth, you can't get much over 300Kbps anyway, and latency will be all over the map with a cellular connection.

    It may be something related to the Air's Bluetooth stack.
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    If your buddy is having the same issue with his Air, I'd tend to agree with holmes4. Sounds like the PC.

    And what's up with those Airs anyway? I heard they don't include wifi. Seems a shame on such a portable machine.
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    Yes, the MacBook Air does include WiFi - in fact, that's its ONLY built-in connectivity. But no Ethernet port - you have to buy a USB-Ethernet adapter separately. And an optical disk.

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