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    I know I can reassign button tasks, but can I choose which items are displayed in the WM6 lower menu bar? Currently by default there are two items displayed: E-Mail on the right and Menu on the Left. I don't use the email function on my Treo 750 and would like to replace that with something else (like Contacts). Is this possible?

    [edit]I know that programs like WisBar will allow this, but I really don't want to use addons like that. I just want to keep it simple and fast.[/edit]

    Thanks, Jack
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    These are technically called "Soft Keys" and there are reg entries to edit them--so I would suggest searching under the 750 forum for those. You can also use some 3rd party apps like Tweaks2k2 to do it directly.

    One issue: Palm uses and "overlay" on the softkeys, so while you easily change the Left key, the Right key is very difficult to change (I'm not sure if it has been done yet).

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