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    Hi all. I know I have a few threads going about this, but I still haven't gotten a solution. I'll try to make this as concise as possible.

    When I bought my original Treo, everything worked fine. I installed Sprite Backup, Treo Alert, and Palm Messaging. All programs ran fine. I also put some ringtones (that I received via BT from others) and pictures from my computer on the phone. Somtime after that my standby feature stopped working. The backlight will go off as per the setting, and about 30 seconds after that, the screen will get even darker. It is still activated by touchscreen at that point. Its like a fake standby.

    Alltel sent me a new phone even, and I restored the phone with the added apps, but without some of the ringtones and all the pictures. It went into a proper standby for about an hour, and then stopped again (maybe after I re-added the pictures). I also have WeatherPanel on my phone now, and my incoming and outgoing call text is strange.

    Can anyone help? Suggestions? TYIA
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    Doesn't Weatherpanel have a configuration to do updates periodically? Maybe you have this setting too often and the Power settings too long, that the device doesn't have enough time to standby.
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    Well my WeatherPanel is set to update every 15 mins, and my power settings are set at 1. Also, I didn't have WP on my original Treo Thank you for the reply though! Keep the ideas coming
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    I would do a hard reset, install the programs one at a time and test the Treo thoroughly before installing the next program. Since you don't have lot of programs on your Treo you can do a backup prior to installing each program in case you have to go back. Hope this helps.

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