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    Can't for the life of me get this to install. Done all the searches, but can't seem to find someone having similar problems:

    I got MIDP 2.0 installed via CAB file.

    I downloaded the Opera Mini 4 java file and run it. It brings up the Java environment and lets me install. Gets me as far as the "Is it OK to use airtime?" screen, I tell it YES and then when it tries to connect it says "Opera Mini Failed To Connect to the Internet".

    Got frustrated and tried Opera Mini 3 (older version) got it to install and apparently run, but it doesnt seem to actually me browsing to any sites (nor letting me "click" on any of the bookmarks or search fields.

    Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?
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    sorry for the no love on this I have opera mini running on my treo not sure what version it is but it wrks and I like it u can email you the cab file if you havnt got this issue fixed yet.
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    I dont think there is any point in trouble shoothing. You should uninstall the java and the opera file. Reset. Then download the version of java that I have attached. And the version of mini that I have attached. And give it another shot.
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    I myself do not use opera mini 4. Even though the zoom feature is nice I dont like the way it highlights links while using the 5way so I use the older version 3. When you go threw the install and setup definitely go slow and let it go threw all its defaults along with the permission thing.

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