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    Does anyone know of a way to get rid that that annoying notification, Message Sent, after I send a text message??

    It's horribly annoying and it gets in the way.
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    There is a hack for this. Look in the sticky 700wx FAQ.
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    Use a registry editor
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\SMSNoSentMsg = "1"
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    Phone Alarm by pocketmax provides the option for turning off this notification when sms is sent. And many others.
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    Pocket Toolman lets you shut it off as well. Worked great on my 6800 and my wifes treo.
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    Kool everyone...I got it, thankfully. I just hacked the registry.

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    A better hack is the Threaded SMS. Most of us have it and its way better than the stock Windows messaging system. Check the sticky and follow the directions.
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    Yup...i 2nd the threaded sms. once you use it, you will never go back.
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    I tried one of the threaded SMS and it really slowed my system down. I loved that option on the Palm version. The one in the sticky requires us to replace files and stuff. Is there any turning back once that is done? Besides the obvious Hard Reset. I am just worried that it isn't that great.
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    As others have said the threaded SMS is awesome. Once you use it you"ll never go back. Do a backup before loading the program and you will be able to restore your system if you don't like it.
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    What program should I use to do a backup?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mercuryrsng View Post
    What program should I use to do a backup?
    You should use the Search program.

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