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    I tried to search for an answer (particularly in the faq and such and found nothing

    I am trying to see how to disable all of the sound notifications on the 700wx - well not all, but in particular, when you insert/remove the sd card, when you hit send, and when you dial (I noticed you had the choice of short or long tones for that, but not none as I had on my old phone).

    I don't want to deselect notifications totally in sounds & notifications, since I still want notification for email/text, but any thoughts? Not sure where to look in the registry for those sounds.

    Thanks all Just joined here recently due to getting a 700wx. Lots of good info - kudos to all the work to those here. Had it only briefly so far, but definitely has a lot of nice features. The old still has a few too, so still uncertain which will win in the end (though it's looking very much like the treo)...
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    Someone has to have some idea. I don't want to just disable all notification sounds, then I won't get email/text notifications. However, I'd like to turn off the soudns when you insert/remove the sd card, and dial/hangup the phone......

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    I haven't tried it but it popped into my head.
    Can you make a new sound that is very short and quiet, if not completely silent, and then just assign that sound to the things you for which you don't want an audible confirmation?
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    I can't find where they are configured, that's the issue... In the notifications section, I don't have options for any of them It only allows you to select long to short tones in the phone controls - my old one had an option for none. Nothing there

    If there's a reg change I can make, that would be fine I could even just make a cab installer for it when I hard reset...
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    The sounds for tie dial/end call is dpadctl.mid. Since it's in ROM it can't be changed.

    HOWEVER Here are some reg entries you folks might be interested in:



    The Sound key was dpadctl.mid. It has to be changed to *none* (when you change it enter the asterisks, but not the quotes).





    The items are pretty self-evident. They used to be File= some random file (can't be modified from Sounds&Notifications that I could find). You can either change the sound to another file, or just delete it as I have done. The End and Dial sounds MUST have the *none* in it. If it is blank it will just change it back to the default.

    There are a bunch more sounds in this place in the reg. I didn't want to change the dtmf sounds since it might impact sending dial sounds in a call. Also, I didn't turn off the dial sounds on the dial pad since I use the dialer from the today screen and it doesn't make sounds there.

    If anyone else finds this useful (I really don't like lots of extraneous sounds - it bugs me) then that's terrific. Feel free to use. I love tinkering

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