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    I'm considering purchasing a Treo 700WX for use on my existing Verizon account from eBay. Are there any issues I should be aware of prior to purchasing the phone? Will I be able to use the Treo 700WX without buying some type of data or Internet plan? My intent is to replace my Dell Axim x50V and Motorola E815 with one device.

    I often run iGuidance 3.0 on my Axim with a GlobalSat BT-338 receiver. Has anyone run this software on a 700WX? It works fine on my Axim, but even though the Axim and Treo have the same CPUs, the one on the Axim runs twice as fast.
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    Make sure the ESN is clear.
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    I'm not a Verizon customer but all PDA'S need a data plan. Mine is included with my plan. If it weren't a power vision data plan range from $10-$20. I believe Verizon charges more.
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    You don't have to have a data plan. You can do pay as you go data.

    I was in the same boat as you i had an x50v and a phone. I wanted an all in one device and never been happier. the only thing i miss is the beautiful x50v screen. The convenience of one device and the ease of use of the treo far outweigh the lack of the beautiful vga screen.

    I would HIGHLY suggest you buy the phone from verizon and get a warranty on it... just in case you have any issues, you are not SOL.
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    Can I use a Treo 700WX from Alltel on Verizon?

    Is the 700WX from Verizon crippled in any way?

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