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    hi all, i am new to this forum. just had a question. here is the deal...

    i recently updated my treo 750 from treo750-1.13-ATT to treo750-2.25-ATT.
    before i was able to set up a bluetooth DUN connection with my laptop no problem. but now DUN doesnt seem to be an option anymore. Any ideas why?

    i am running vista on my laptop. bluetooth should be the only way to get dial up via the treo, but i am able to get it through the USB cable but not the bluetooth.
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    DUN is obsolete and is not part of WM6. It's been replaced with Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

    Just open the "Internet Sharing" application and follow the instructions in the thread posted above.
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    cool, thanks for the prompt replies. i got it both working!

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