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    Hi all. I had to get a new phone because my Treo would not standby anymore. So I did a remote backup to my PC using Sprite Backup. I did a hard reset on my phone I installed Sprite onto the new phone using ActiveSync. I used the Sprite on my PC to hit restore, then I chose the file. The Treo is now asking me for a password. I have no idea what it is. On my old phone (now dead and gone to me), the password was automatically entered. What do I do
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    Throw up and then get a Palm OS phone.........

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    You entered the password originally - you need to remember what that password was to restore.
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    I am not sure if a call to Sprite tech support would help. I am sure there is a work around to save the data. . .but if they give it to you that sort of defeats the purpose of the password protection.
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    Well so here's what I did. The one that was pre-entered on the old phone was 15 characters. And I really didnt enter it!? Soo I just entered a six digit password that is my usual for most things...and it worked yea about that. Thanks Sprite! Im sure everyone is tired of hearing about my standby failure's and other related adventures. Thanks for all the support! Im looking into weather panel now...but when I download it from marsware it says it can be authorized or something? Any quick ideas? I'll be scouring the boards tonight
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    EDIT: I'm at my wits end. after I did the restore with Sprite, my phone went on standby when it was supposed to. The apps that were restored with the phone were Palm Messaging and Treo Alert. It was fine. I put some ringtones/pics from my phone that I emailed myself from my other phone (i had deleted them from old phone). and sometime after tha my phone stopped standing by. It does a quasi standby...the backlight will go off after 10 secs per the setting, and a bit after that the screen will get even darker, but still be awakened by touch!

    Please help.
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    I would love to help. . . but my 10 years of experience are on the PalmOS side. . . . . . .any ideas out there from you w folk?
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    First, yes, you really did enter that password originally. It always shows it as if it were 15 characters - that's part of the security, so someone cannot know how many characters were actually used in the original password. I'm happy you were able to remember your password. Like you , I take great care to use a familiar password for things like this - so I can rememeber it when needed, perhaps years later.

    Second, I suggest you start a new topic for your new question - you may get better responses that way.

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