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    I've been a longtime 6700 user and am trying out a 700wx in the near future. There are lots of advantages both ways, but I'm tired of a phone that is lousy as a phone (w/o a bt headset you can't hear anything) and terrible battery life. I'm looking forward to the 700wx I know I've heard about the 800w coming soon, but I don't want to spend that kind of money right now.

    In any case, I have searched for a method of html email through activesync on WM5 in many places, but have found nothing substantial yet. Does anyone have any clues? I know Flexmail does html, but only pop/imap. Not activesync last time I checked.

    Does anyone have any potential solution?

    TIA I've browsed this board a bit in the past few weeks considering trying the 700wx and it is a great place.
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    Can't be done, currently.

    Flexmail 2007 (v2) can receive HJTML mail, buty only sedn it as an attachment.

    Full HTML mail support with Exchange 2007. POP and IMAP e-mail will happen with the 800W (and othe WM6 devices), you might want to wait for that - it should be out within one to three months, if you can wait.
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    Unfortunately, that's kind of what I was finding. Yeah, it'll be out in 3 months, but cost three times the 700wx I don't want to spend $400+ on a new phone/contract (vzw won't be less than that, and only with a renewal which I don't have coming up to use now)

    I only care about reading, not sending. Flexmail will read with pop/imap, and that might be an alternative (use activesync for delivery, d/l through imap if I can't read the html). Oh well.....

    I do plan on getting some good info here however I was on ppcgeeks quite often, but it's more suited to the htc platforms.
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    The exchange server may be set up to use imap as well. I know my company blocks pop access, but not sure about imap. imap works really well with yahoo.

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