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    I was getting rid of program that I didn't use so I could try some new programs. Anyway, I uninstalled pocket informant and the treo restarted and gets to the blue windows screen and the 4-part working window comes up. The phone goes halfway into the today screen and that little window that normally asks if you trust someone to install a program comes up with webview.dll in the title. It has the yes and no option which neither can be pressed and that is about as far as it gets. Is there anything that can be done. I have done the reset and taken the battery out to no avail. I'm totally clueless on how to fix the problem. If I cannot fix it, can it be brought to a sprint store to be reprogrammed or something?

    Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Try doing a hard reset to your phone to bring it back to its orginal out of box state. It should fix your problem.
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    thanks for the post greatly appreciated

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