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    I have taken over the palm treo 750 WM6 from my wife as she didn't really use it. I am trying to text and unless i do a soft reset, when I use the keys to type text it gives me the numbers instead of letters. I have tried the shift and white key and nothing changes. I have tried a hard reset and still an issue. The little keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen shows a little circle next to it most times but not sure if this is part of the issue.

    I hope I am just dumb and missing something simple but the manual was of no use.

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    it still does this after a hard reset?????
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    Yep, did a hard reset, tried texting and it gave me numbers instead of letters. That's what makes me think it's either broken or I am missing something simple. It seems to work for a short while after a soft reset though.
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    have you tried reflashing with the WM6 rom?
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    hi philpeeps

    What does that mean and how do I do it. It sounds like a reload of wm6 but i may be wrong

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